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Welcome to Advanced Prosthetics Inc.
When I first went to work for my father in 1972, some prosthetic devices
were still being made from willow wood, hand carved from patterns made
from measurements of the patient's residual limb. Although most prosthetic
sockets were made from the more modern laminated plastic, there was still
an occasional demand for a wood socket, so my father insisted that I learn
the techniques and tools necessary to produce them, just as my two
brothers had before me. I still remember him teaching me how to turn a
block of wood into a hand carved, articulated foot. He wore one of these
feet himself due to a hunting accident at age 17 that claimed the lower
part of his right leg. With the help of the Department of Vocational
Rehabilitation, my father was hired into a prosthetic apprenticeship that
resulted in a career not only for himself, but for his children as well.
Over the years working with our father, he instilled in us the importance of
Quality and Service. "Reputation is built on quality and service" he said.  
"If you have a good reputation, the business will be there". Quality then
was the best fitting prosthesis made from hand carved wood. Quality now
is still the best fitting prosthesis, only the materials have changed.  It
doesn't matter if it is produced from a hand cast or from a computer
generated shape. What matters is the fit itself. None of the high tech
knees and feet make much difference if the socket is not comfortable.
If you give someone a comfortable socket on a stick, they will walk. If
you give them the most technologically advanced knee and foot available
and a socket that hurts, they will sit. As you view the pages in this website,
feel free to call me with any questions you may have about our services.

Larry Rice, CP