Advanced Prosthetics Inc.
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Advanced Prosthetics Inc.        3540 Duluth Park Lane        Suite 230             Duluth, Georgia 30096
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About Us
Advanced Prosthetics Inc. is a small family owned business which
offers amputees a more personal experience during their rehabilitation
process. Because our father was a below knee amputee and my wife is
an above knee amputee, we understand firsthand what the amputee
goes through to get back to a normal lifestyle.

We will take time to talk with you, listening to your needs and concerns,
as we work with you to provide the most comfortable and functional prosthesis
available using the most advanced materials and technology.

Advanced Prosthetics cares about you! We're interested in helping you
get on with a normal life. Give us the opportunity to discuss your needs,
answer your questions, and tell you how we can help.

         Call us to schedule a free consultation.

3540 Duluth Park Lane
Suite 230
Duluth, Georgia 30096
(678) 474-1087