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Lower Extremity:
The most important component of any prosthetic device is the socket. This
component must provide an intimate, comfortable fit, or the other
components are almost meaningless. The goal of Advanced Prosthetics is to
provide the most comfortable prosthesis possible, with component selection
based on each individuals specific goals and lifestyle. There are different
socket designs and materials that have evolved over the years. Because
none of these designs is the answer for every amputee, it is necessary to
evaluate each individual to determine which type socket design , which
components, and which materials will work best for them based on these
goals and lifestyle.
Advanced Prosthetics has training and experience in all types of socket
designs and components. We are certified to fit the following systems:

      Ossur Rheo Knee
      Otto Bock C-Leg
      Otto Bock Harmony System
      Ossur Seal-In System
      Pathfinder System
Upper Extremity
Again, the most important component is the socket fit. Whether it be
conventional body powered or myoelectric systems, a comfortable socket
coupled with the right components and suspension is critical to a successful
upper extremity fitting. Component selection is based upon level of
amputation, range of motion, muscle strength, myo-signal testing and patient
goals and needs.
We are certified in both Otto Bock and Motion Control Systems of  
myoelectric components.